About The Quran Classes

The Quran Classes is a professional online platform to learn Quran, Arabic Language, and Islamic Studies for kids & adults through one-to-one online sessions provided by native Arab male & female tutors.

We started to provide Arabic and Quran education through an interactive online environment a long time ago. We seek to provide all our students from all over the globe the opportunity to understand and excel at the Arabic language with regular practice that fits into their busy schedules.

All Courses for All Ages. The Quran Classes Academy provides Quran, Islam, and Arabic classes for both kids and adults. We customize and personalize each course’s lessons based on the student’s age, knowledge, and abilities.

Moreover, our tutors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to facilitate the learning process. This allows you or your family to study the Holy Quran, Arabic Language, and Islamic studies conveniently from the comfort of your home.

Start learning Quran free by booking 2 free trial classes now without any obligation to continue learning later in case you are not satisfied with our courses or tutors.

About Us - The Quran Classes


We Instill the love of the Quran into your and your kids’ hearts.

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    Our Mission

    What “The Quran Classes” stands for

    Our mission is to deliver the Quranic education to all Muslims who are living in non-Arabic speaking countries and may find difficulties attend regular sessions in Islamic schools or centers. Also, The Quran Classes aims to provide an interactive and result-oriented curriculum, yet having fun and motivational part for kids and adults.

    We also aim to deliver a more affordable, convenient, and student-friendly Quran learning services. For this reason, we have brought the best male and female native teachers for online Quran teachings. Not to mention that TheQuranClasses.Online offers continuous progress and feedback updates from tutors.

    Quran Teaching Standards

    How we select our online Quran tutors

    The Holy Quran is the words of Allah (SWT). It should be recited correctly as reported by the prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Therefore, we do not compromise on staff selection standards. We select competent Quran tutors with the following qualities:

    • Hafiz-e-Quran.
    • Well-versed in recitation and reading.
    • Experienced and educated from prestigious institutions.
    • Bilingual with command on English, Arabic.
    • Holding comprehensive know-how of Tajweed and Tarteel.
    • Student-centered teaching.

    Quran for Kids

    We ensure that Kids are 100% safe while learning Quran online

    Nowadays, kids’ safety is the topmost concern. For this reason, parents continuously seek for a reliable online Quran learning service.

    At The Quran Classes, your kids can learn Quran online safely 100% with the following features:

    • Virus/malware free service.
    • Online Quran teaching backed by expert Quran tutors for kids.
    • Reliable and secure interaction between tutor and student.
    • Trustable, qualified and decent teachers.
    • Healthy and quick learning for your child.
    • No ethical threats to your child.





    meet our FEATURED teacherS

    Teacher Avatar Male

    Sheikh Abdulrahman

    Sheikh Abdulrahman studied at Al-azahr university, the faculty of languages and translation. Sheikh Abdulrahman has a great experience in teaching Qur’an and Arabic to non-Arab speakers for all ages; children, adults and old people. He has ijazah in Qiraat; Hafs and shoba. Also sheikh Abdulrahman taught dozen of students from the scratchto be able to read Qur’an perfectly, AlhamdAllah.

    Teacher Avatar Female

    Ustatha Marwa

    Ustadha Marwa is one of our distinguished teachers. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Language Department. She joined the Qur’an memorization office in the village from a young age and memorized the Qur’an with Rules. She took a license in Hafs and Shoba Recitation. She also holds a Igaza in Warsh recitation. She has about 10 years experience in teaching the Qur’an to Arabs and non-Arabs, for all ages and nationalities.

    Teacher Avatar Female

    Ustatha Amani

    Ustadha Amani is one of our best Quran teachers. She is studying in the faculty of Islamic and Arabic Studies, Department of Sharia She finished Quran memorization at the age of 10 then she had Ijazah at Asem.she studied noor albayan and alqaeidat alnuwraniuh to help non arabic speakers to read the holy Quran. She has an experience in teaching the Quran for 5 years. She worked in teaching tajweed rules for Arabic and Non Arabic speakers.