10 Top Hacks to Teach Quran for Kids

10 Top Hacks to Teach Quran for Kids - thequranclasses.online

Have you ever though to teach Quran for kids? Are you struggling to instill Islamic values in your children?

As Muslim parents and educators, we strive to provide our children with a solid foundation that will guide them towards a meaningful and purposeful life. Among the various sources of spiritual guidance, the Quran holds a special rank as the holy book of Islam, offering profound wisdom and timeless teachings.

خيركم من تعلم القرآن وعلمه‏
The best amongst you is the one who learns the Qur’an and teaches it.

Hadith [Riyad as-Salihin 993]

Teach Quran for kids is not just about imparting religious knowledge; it is about nurturing their hearts and souls. It also fosters a deep connection with their faith, and guiding them towards a life rooted in righteousness and compassion. However, this task can sometimes feel challenging, as young minds may find the language and concepts of the Quran difficult to grasp.

To overcome this challenge, we have compiled a list of 10 top hacks to teach Quran for kids. These invaluable tips & tricks are designed to make the Quran learning process engaging, enjoyable, and accessible to children of all ages.

By implementing these hacks, parents and Quran teachers can create an environment that Quran learning journey interesting, fun, and easy.

1. Enroll Your Kids Accredited Online Quran Classes

How to Choose The Best Online Quran Institute - thequranclasses.online

Prioritize finding an online Quran school that holds valid accreditation. Ensure that the institute’s teaching materials and methodologies are authentic, poised, and trustworthy.

Verify if the academy adheres to the correct Aqeedah (belief system) in line with the Quran and Sunnah.

Enrolling in accredited online Quran classes and selecting qualified teachers are crucial steps towards ensuring a comprehensive and effective Quranic education for your kids.

TheQuranClasses have highly qualified, professional teachers. They are experienced, well-educated, and well-trained tutors who employ diverse teaching methods suitable for both beginners and advanced students.

Our approach to education incorporates cutting-edge techniques that engage both adults and children. We employ specially designed educational games, interactive videos with simplified explanations, and visually appealing slides to enhance the learning experience.

By choosing a reputable institution with knowledgeable instructors, you can embark on a fruitful journey of Quranic learning for your children.

2. Teach Quran for Kids Using The Storytelling Model

40 Hadiths for children with stories - TheQuranClasses.Online

Nestled within the sacred verses of the Holy Quran lie a multitude of captivating tales, carefully woven by the divine hand. These narratives not only mesmerize us with their enchanting allure but also hold within them profound life lessons that resonate across time.

By delving into the treasury of Quranic stories, we unlock a realm of wonder and intrigue that awakens a deep curiosity within young hearts.

When we share these tales with our children, a magical transformation occurs. Their imaginations take flight, painting vivid pictures of the Quran’s essence. This immersive experience cultivates an unbreakable bond between their innocent souls and the divine message it carries.

3. Train Your Kids Consistently to Quran Listening & Recitation

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The act of deeply and attentively listening to the Holy Quran has the power to create extraordinary transformations within individuals. It serves as the initial catalyst, propelling children towards a profound understanding of Allah Almighty’s wisdom for their lives.

Regrettably, the tradition of parents reciting passages from the Holy Quran to their children has dwindled in recent times. Even when recitations do take place, some parents overlook the importance of accurate pronunciation, Tajweed, and “Makhrij.” Consequently, recitations devoid of both emotional connection and comprehension fail to leave a lasting impact on young hearts.

When it comes to introducing kids to the Quran, it is essential to ensure that they engage in correct listening and reading practices.

By prioritizing accuracy and understanding, we can establish a strong foundation for their Quranic journey, enriching their lives with divine wisdom and guidance.

4. User Interactive Activities to Teach Quran for Kids

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Interactive activities are an effective way to make Quran learning enjoyable and engaging for children.

By incorporating games, puzzles, quizzes, and competitions, you can create a fun and interactive learning environment that motivates children to actively participate and retain the knowledge. These activities can focus on Quran memorization, understanding key concepts, or recitation practice.

For example, you may design a Quranic trivia game where children answer questions about the Prophet’s life, important events, or key teachings. Alternatively, you can develop a memory matching game with Quranic verses and their corresponding meanings.

5. Use Quran Apps and Interactive Websites

Use Quran Apps and Interactive Websites - TheQuranClasses.online

Regarding Quran learning in 2023, the technology-assisted learning is the most popular and accessible way. Actually, this is one of the best hacks to teach Quran for kids.

Utilize Quran learning apps, interactive websites, and online platforms specifically designed for teaching Quran for kids. These resources often offer engaging exercises, recitation practice, and interactive lessons that cater to different age groups.

There are numerous Quranic learning apps available for smartphones and tablets. These apps often provide a user-friendly interface and a variety of interactive features. They may offer features such as interactive lessons, recitation practice, gamified exercises, quizzes, and progress tracking.

Also, many Quran websites are dedicated to Quranic education and offer interactive features for children. These websites often provide engaging lessons, videos, recitation practice, and interactive exercises.

6. Teach Quran for Kids with Understanding (Tafsir)

Learn Tafsir Al Quran - The Quran Classes

DON’T teach children to only recite or memorize verses from the Quran, but also explain them the meaning, context, and teachings of the Quranic verses.

As Quran teachers, we go beyond the surface-level recitation and encourages kids to develop a deep understanding of the message conveyed by the Quran.

When teaching Quran for kids with understanding, the focus is on helping them grasp the underlying concepts, values, and lessons contained within the verses.

This approach involves explaining the historical context, the relevance of the verses in their lives, and connecting them to real-life situations.

You many introduce your kids to simplified explanations and interpretations of the Quranic verses through age-appropriate tafsir books or resources.

7. Do Understand Your Kids First

Learn Quran for Kids - The Quran Classes

To pave the road for a successful Quran teaching journey, it is essential to investigate aspects that make up your kids unique qualities. By comprehending their intellectual capacity, emotional well-being, moral compass, and religious convictions, you will gain profound insight that enables effective knowledge transmission.

Encourage your children to embark on a captivating journey of language acquisition by introducing them to the alphabet and letters at a young age. Through interactive and engaging methods, foster their curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, setting a strong foundation for their linguistic development.

You may also guide your child towards mastering the art of proper pronunciation. Help them refine their speech, enunciation, and articulation skills. By paying attention to the nuances of pronunciation, you enhance their communication abilities and promote clarity in expressing their thoughts and ideas.

Each child possesses a distinct combination of abilities, inclinations, and aspirations. By embracing his/her individuality and tailoring your teaching methods accordingly, you empower them to thrive and succeed.

8. Relate Quran Teachings to Daily Life

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Relating the teachings of the Quran to practical situations and challenges children face in their daily lives is a powerful way to teach Quran for kids.

Pay attention to situations and challenges that children commonly encounter in their lives. These could include conflicts with friends or siblings, ethical dilemmas at school, acts of kindness, or opportunities for personal growth. By identifying these scenarios, you can select appropriate Quranic verses that address the underlying principles and values involved.

This approach help your child to develop a deeper understanding of the Quran’s relevance and applicability. They learn to apply Quranic principles, moral values, and ethical teachings in their actions and decision-making processes.

9. Set Learning Incentive and Rewards

Quran learning rewards
A boy receives gifts from his family. His grandfather is wearing a kurta and his mother is wearing a hijab.

The Quran learning process for kids is more enjoyable and exciting when there are worldly rewards, besides spiritual rewards of course.

When teach Quran for kids, define specific goals for your child’s Quranic learning journey. These goals can include memorizing a certain number of verses, completing a chapter, or mastering specific Tajweed rules.

Create a reward system that aligns with your child’s interests and motivations. It can involve small prizes, such as stickers, treats, or small toys, which they can earn upon reaching milestones or accomplishing set targets.

Of course, consider age-appropriate rewards that appeal to your child and reinforce positive behavior.

Ultimately, the goal is to nurture a genuine love and appreciation for the Quran, ensuring that the rewards serve as additional encouragement rather than the sole focus of their learning experience.

10. Take Advantage of Kids’ Competition Spirit

Take Advantage of Kids' Competition Spirit

A smart, yet fun way, to teach Quran for kids is organizing friendly competitions where children can showcase their recitation skills, memorization abilities, or understanding of Quranic concepts.

This can include recitation Quran competitions, memorization challenges, or even creative writing contests where children express their understanding of Quranic teachings through stories.

Encourage children to participate in Quran recitation competitions where they can demonstrate their ability to recite verses from the Quran with proper Tajweed and melodious intonation.

Organize memorization challenges to motivate children to memorize portions of the Quran. Set specific targets or chapters to memorize and create a structured system to track their progress.

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