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March 9, 2021

Very good teacher, corrects every mistake I make and even gives good tafsir of the ayaat I need to memorize. I would recommend this to anyone that wants to learn and memorize the Qur’an.

March 5, 2021

An excellent and well committed teacher who’s been helping my kids recite Quran for over a year. I highly recommend him.

Feyseel Nur
Feyseel Nur
March 4, 2021

Currently studying Quran and Fiqh with a teacher from this institute. The teacher has a wonderful way of explaining and teaching. I would really recommend their services.

Quran Reading Basics Course

Learn Quran Reading Basics

Learn the basics of the Quran reading online with the best Quran tutors on the internet. Learn how to read Quranic Arabic letters, words, verses, complete surah, and eventually become able to read the whole Quran without mistakes.

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Learn Quran Reading Basics Course - The Quran Classes
Learn Quran for Kids - The Quran Classes
Quran for Kids Course

Learn Quran for Kids

The Quran Classes Online Institute offers a complete path of Quran learning for kids ranging from learning Quran reading in Arabic and recitation with Tajweed as well as memorizing the Quran. Quran for Kids made easy!

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Quran Recitation with Tajweed Course

Learn Quran Recitation with Tajweed

Learn to recite the Quran with Tajweed through on-to-one sessions with the best Quran reciters & Sheikhs who walk with you step-by-step till you recite the Quran the same way the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) recited it.

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Learn Quran Recitation with Tajweed Course - The Quran Classes
Learn Ten Qiraat - The Quran Classes
10 Qirat Course

Learn Ten Qiraat

Learn 10 Qirats online with highly-qualified Quran teachers who have graduated from Al-Azhar University, Egypt, through one-to-one online Quran classes. This course will take your Quran recitation skills to the next level by studying the 10 methods of Quran recitation.

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Quran Memorization Course

Learn Quran Memorization

Learn Quran memorization/Hifz through one-to-one personalized online sessions to become Hafiz/Hafiza of the Quran. You or your kids will learn to memorize the Quran in a practical and interactive way.

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Learn Quran Memorization Course - The Quran Classes
Learn Tafsir Al Quran - The Quran Classes
Quran Tafsir Course

Learn Tafsir Al Quran

Learn Tafseer Quran online with top Islamic scholars who have graduated from Al-Azhar University, Egypt, through one-to-one online tafsir classes. We avail interested students the best way to understand the Quran much better through interpretation and translation the meaning of Quranic verses.

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Quran Ijazah Course

Get Ijazah Online

Get qualified for obtaining Ijazah in Quran Recitation with Tajweed or Quran Memorization (Hifz) with Ijazah certified Quran Sheikhs. At the end of course after passing tests, you will get the corresponding Ijazah certificate.

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Ijazah Course - The Quran Classes
Learn Arabic Language Course - The Quran Classes
Arabic Language Course

Learn Arabic Language

Learn the Arabic language online with native Arab teachers who will take you from the absolute beginner level to the fluency in Arabic. You or your kids will learn verbs and make perfect sentences with no grammar mistakes.

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Islamic Studies Course

Learn Islam Online

Learn various Islamic studies online including but not limited to pillars of Islam, Fiqh, Aqidah, Tafsir, Hadith, Dua (Supplication), Islamic Manners, and Seerah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Stories of The Prophets in Quran. 

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Islamic Studies Course - The Quran Classes

about the quran classes

The Quran Classes is a professional online platform to learn Quran, Arabic Language, and Islamic Studies for kids & adults through one-to-one online sessions provided by native Arab male & female tutors.

We started to provide Arabic and Quran education through an interactive online environment a long time ago. We seek to provide all our students from all over the globe the opportunity to understand and excel at the Arabic language with regular practice that fits into their busy schedules.

All Courses for All Ages. The Quran Classes Academy provides Quran, Islam, and Arabic classes for both kids and adults. We customize and personalize each course’s lessons based on the student’s age, knowledge, and abilities.






Learn Quran Online

Learn Quran Online at The Quran Classes through an interactive online environment. We have experienced, high-quality online Quran tutors, males & females, provides online Quran learning through personalized, one-on-one, online sessions that are suitable for the entire family — including some of the best online Quran classes for kids. Book 2 free Quran classes to start learning Quran online FREE!


Online Quran Classes

Get online Quran classes for you or for your kids at The Quran Classes with a large focus on Tajweed, courses are structured around proper pronunciation and recitation of the Quran. We have native Arab Quran teacher providing the best Quran classes online. We provide both Zoom Quran Classes and Skype Quran Classes. Also, you receive immediate feedback from the Quran tutor from Al-Azhar.


Learn Quran with Tajweed

Learn Quran with Tajweed has immense importance in the preservation of the Quran and its authority, as correction and beauty of the words lead to the production of perfect meanings. It is obligatory for every Muslim, kids, and adults to read the Holy Quran with Tajweed. Now, you can learn Quran with Tajweed online with basic Quran reading with Tajweed course online, for the students, kids, females, and adults, with the best methods of teaching and with the help of a good Quran teachers male and female Quran teacher.


Learn Quran for Kids

Every parent dreams the best for their children in this world and in the hereafter. Indeed, the best thing that parent can offer to their children in this life and the next is to teach them the Quran. At The Quran Classes, we have a comprehensive learn Quran for kids online program where you kids can learn Quran recitation, memorization, tajweed, and even tafsir of Quran. Learn Quran for kids helps you to make your child a true Muslim. That’s why we have specialized male & female Quran tutors to teach Quran for kids.


Learn Quran Reading

Quran Reading is one of the most important basics in our religion, Islam. It’s an obligation to every Muslim to learn Quran reading and recite the Holy Quran in the best possible manner. The Quran Classes presents Online Quran Reading Course for those Muslims who are either Non-Arabs or living in Non-Muslim countries. Now, you or your kids can take online Quran reading classes with highly-qualified Quran teachers from Al-Azhar University through one-to-one live sessions.


Learn Quran Recitation

Learn Quran recitation online is an excellent opportunity to turn to Allah before we return to Allah (SWT). Learning Quran recitation with Tajweed offers exceptional and divine rewards. Our Online Quran Recitation Course is designed for those who would like to start the exciting journey of reading the Holy Quran under orientation of skillful tutors. Quran classes online have been shown to be one of the best ways for people to learn Quran recitation whether it is kids learning Quran recitation or adults doing it.


Learn Hifz Quran Online

Learn Hifz Quran online to memorize the whole or a part of the Holy Quran with our experienced and professional Huffaz holding Ijazah in Quran memorization with Tajweed. At The Quran Classes, we aim to help students to attain the Itqan level in Hifz Quran online through one-to-one online classes. You or your kids will learn accurate memorization of the Book of Allah, learning the general meaning of the verses, and learning the reasons for revealing the verses. Following the best techniques, you’ll learn Hifz Quran fast & easy.


Learn Tafsir Al Quran

Learn Quran Tafsir online is an excellent opportunity to better understand the book of Allah (SWT) and the meanings of the Quranic verses. Our specialized Tafseer Quran tutors will help you to help you learn Quran Tafseer online and interpret the Holy Quran so that you follow the real sense and objective of the divine revelation. Without detailed explanation with related Hadiths, there would be no right understanding of various passages of the Quran. . At The Quran Classes, we teach students the translation of the Quran the best ways. 


How to Learn Quran Online at THE QURAN CLASSES?

Step 1

Fill in The Free Trial Form

Fill in this form, so that our support could contact you and confirm the appointment you selected for the free trial session.

Step 2

Confirm The Appointment

Once you submit your free trial request, the assigned tutor from The Quran Classes will contact you within 24Hrs via email, Phone Call, or WhatsApp to confirm appointment and further details.

Step 3

Download Meeting App

Download Zoom app or Skype to start taking the class at the scheduled appointment.(Skype ID or Zoom Room Link is provided upon appointment confirmation)



What do the people say about TheQuranClasses.Online?

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    FAQs by students and parents about learning Quran, Arabic, and Islam online at TheQuranClasses.Online

    You or your kids can start to learn Quran, Arabic, or Islam online at The Quran Classes institute following 4 easy steps:

    1. Browse our available online Quran, Arabic, and Islamic courses, read details of the courses, and select the needful program that suits your needs and goals.
    2. Book a free trial by filling in the free trial form to schedule an appointment for the first trial class.
    3. Once you submit your free trial request, the assigned tutor from The Quran Classes will contact you within 24Hrs via email, Phone Call, or WhatsApp to confirm appointment and further details.
    4. Download Zoom app or Skype to start taking the class at the scheduled appointment.

    At “The Quran Classes”, we have 6 different pricing plans for online Quran & Arabic learning that suits different needs and goals of students.

    You or your kids can start to learn at The Quran Classes as low as $30 per month. This grants you  4 hours per month, 1 hour per week, and One/Two classes per Week according to your preference.

    We also have special pricing packages for families and groups.

    The Quran Classes provides online Quran, Arabic, and Islam learning by highly-qualified tutors from all over the world. Our classes are held in innovative and powerful techniques which makes e-learning more fun and easy.

    Our qualified teachers are highly proficient in teaching non-Arabic speaking students via internet. We also provide recordings of the lessons to students for revision purposes.

    Moreover, we have female teachers for sisters and our lessons are held in full privacy.

    Based on years of experience, we found that starting from age 5, a kid can get introduced to basics of his/her religion and Arabic language.

    Since each kid abilities and willingness to learn online differs from a kid to another, a guardian might need to accompany the student during the lessons initially to provide support until the student gets used to his/her teacher.

    Your security & privacy are a top priority for The Quran Classes. We want to make sure that your lessons are hosted in a safe and secure environment. That’s why all our zoom classes use an encrypted password that is embedded in your class link. Your secured encrypted password is transmitted over a secure channel once you click the link and subsequently your identity is authenticated and you are allowed in the session.

    Furthermore, teachers lock the sessions once a student enters making it impossible for unauthorized individuals to enter the session.

    Once you finish the free trial class and you are satisfied about the tutor and our teaching methodology, the responsible at The Quran Classes will offer you the available packages to choose the best one that suits your needs, goals, and budget.

    You can pay online for the selected package through PayPal, Debit/Credit Card or even a Bank Transfer.

    Yes, young students or their parents can choose the gender of the teacher.

    Also, as a general rule, teenagers and older students are typically assigned teachers of the same gender. An exception to this rule is when the student requires very specialized area of expertise then teacher’s academic training is taken into consideration to assign the best match.

    Yes, we can send you a notification with a link to your class through WhatsApp. So, it’s necessary to provide a working WhatsApp number upon registration at The Quran Classes.

    No, you should not provide your contact info to the tutor unless you notify us first.

    The teachers are not allowed to change the schedule on their own. There should be proper coordination between authorities, tutors, and students. It has to be a mutual decision of all.

    Yes, you can choose at your own convenience. We do our best to find the teacher who is available at that time.

    Each course is customized as per student needs and personal abilities. Accordingly, number of needed classes to complete the courses can be determined only after completing at least a month of learning at The Quran Classes.

    A laptop, PC, Tablet or Smartphone, in addition to an Internet Connection and Skype or Zoom app for live meeting.

    Yes, you can change the teacher once you inform the administration about the reasons for the change.