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We cordially invite you to an online Hifz course to participate in an intensive and effective Hifz training that will provide you with results in a short period of time. We are dedicated to offering the greatest online Quran learning environment available.

Best Online Hifz Course | #1 Online Hifz Classes With Hifz Plans

Hence, in response to the question of what distinguishes us from the competition, we base our answer on our overall management of the online Hifz course program while taking into account a few key elements.

                                        Let’s look between the lines to see what’s special!

1-Highly Experienced Hifz Teachers For Quran Hifz Online

  • Special Selecting Process

We conducted rounds of interviews for this online Hifz course, and only the finest candidates were chosen.

  • Ijazah Holder

Our online Hifz course instructors have received Ijazah certification from Al-Azhar University, the world’s most renowned Islamic institute. They have an advantage over other online Quran tutors because of this.

These professors memorized the Quran from an early age and have gone over it several times.

                                         constructive feedback
  • A Unique Way Of Teaching

With their knowledge and unique ways, the Hifz teachers have assisted hundreds of pupils in memorizing Allah SWT’s book, making the road of memorization very straightforward and easy for them.

  • Healthy Competition

Many Hifz competitions are held on a regular basis during online Hifz courses, and the hifz teachers have competed in them and won top prizes.

2-Organized Teaching Method

Our instructors are equipped with the necessary technical abilities as well as other entertaining techniques to keep students engrossed in class!

                              Just a few examples are shown here!

  • Experiment with graphical presentations to see what works best for you.
  • Make use of a virtual whiteboard to help you brainstorm ideas.
  • Use the flipped classroom method to see if it works for you. ​
  • Increase your participation in live online classes.
  • Engage in constructive group debates and discussions.
  • Using various tools, capture displays, and videos.
student umran started online Hifz course . He gave us the feedback about teacher Asmaa so the feedback was fantastic alhamdullah!
                                                  Perfect feedback

Best Time management

Our Hifz Tutors are masters of time management and do not squander their students’ time. For Online Hifz Classes, they have meticulously planned and produced lectures.

Top Communication skills

Our experts have excellent communication abilities, so their students don’t get stuck on subjects!

                         What are their methods for accomplishing this?

  • They learn the names of their students.
  • Recognize the preferences and dislikes of your students.
  • When a student accomplishes good work, praise them and give them constructive feedback when they do bad work.
  • They are aware of how each kid generally behaves in the Hifz classroom and are on the lookout for any unexpected actions.

3-Well-structured plan for intensive Hifz course

  •  Course Objective

This comprehensive online Hifz course was created with the goal of being completed in a short period of time. We created the plans based on the pupils’ highest level of ability.

our institute put A special plan for each student  when they start to practice online Hifz course.
                                          Our plan to memorize the whole Quran
  • Choose what you want

We allow our pupils to select the type of strategy that best suits their memorization abilities. It is entirely up to them to determine how much time they will need to complete their selected component.

some students when they book a class at online Hifz course , they want to memorize only 3 juza so we give them this plan
                         Our plan to memorize 3 juza of the Quran
  • Flexible timing

Students are able to change their daily timings and complete their hifz in even less time, depending on how much they can sustain on a daily basis.

we put perfect plan for the students who want to memorize juza of the Quran
                     Our plan to memorize juza of the Quran
  • Personalized methods

For everyone out there, the intense online Hifz course program includes several personalized strategies. We have devised a particular plan for you to memorize three juz (the 28th, 29th, and 30th) in the time allotted. We may also assist you with the hifz program of any Surah, such as Surah Al-Baqarah.

  • Memorization strategies

With our customized memorization strategies, we assist our students in memorizing the Quran online in the time allotted. Both the teacher and the student put forth considerable effort in order to meet the deadline.

if you want to memorize any part in the Quran , join online Hifz course
                                    Our plan to memorize juza of the Quran

4-Get Individual attention with 1 to 1 Online Quran Hifz Classes:

Varied students have different mindsets and mental skills, therefore they choose the learning approach that best suits them.

  • Personalized sessions

We’ve had this in mind since the beginning and offer one-on-one online Hifz course classes.

What are the advantages of being a Hifz Student?

                                              Following are a few examples:

  • Interaction of high quality in which the pupil feels heard.
  • The student’s progress and mastery of the Quran Hifz can be assessed by the teacher.
  • It allows pupils to take charge of their own learning rather than relying on others.
  • Overstimulation is avoided, and distractions are eliminated.

5-Weekly reports to track your progress in Hifz:

To maintain the learning pace, the online Hifz course curriculum must be tracked for progress in Hifz.

  • Weekly report 

Every week, we generate report cards to keep track of each student’s progress. This aids in the creation of a learning map that predicts the length of the memorization process.

  • Discussions with guardians

Parents of children and adults are regularly informed about their children’s daily learning routines and progress. The report highlights the flaws and places for improvement, indicating the need for correction.

6-The flexibility of scheduling online Hifz classes 24/7

The Quran Classes are always available to assist its students!

Learn whenever you want

  • Our online Hifz course allows students to schedule their study time as they see fit. Students can access recorded versions of their Hifz classes at The Quran Classes at any time.
  • It also allows students to save time that would otherwise be spent commuting to college and libraries. All of these make our online Hifz course an excellent choice for folks who need to manage job and family obligations.

7-Motivating learning environment in our online Hifz program:

It’s important to remember that if motivation wanes, learning will decrease or even halt. To make intensive hifz simple, the teachers establish a healthy and inspiring environment.

  • Quizzes and competitions

Students are required to participate in regular assessments and competitions, which motivates them to do their best. At the end of the online Hifz course, the students are given certificates indicating that they have earned the title of Hafiz.

  • Reward system

Great presents and rewards: We all know that people are drawn to gifts. As a result, our students are rewarded for their greatest efforts throughout the year.

  • Flexible schedule

You are not obligated to attend class at the time set by us. Rather, to keep you motivated, we provide you with access to us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the flexibility to schedule your hifz class whenever you choose.

8-Innovative techniques to do intensive Hifz easily

Because of our top 9 original strategies for doing rigorous hifz quickly, we claim to be the best Quran Hifz school.

            1- Revision

There are two major elements to the revision. There are two revisions: the old and the new.

            2- Read it out 

Reciting the lesson aloud helps you concentrate on your tajweed and avoids distractions.

            3- Start with easy

Begin with the Surahs that are short: This is a useful strategy for getting into a flow and staying focused.

           4-Learn with understanding

 Remembering the meaning of verses: This is extremely useful when you’re having trouble memorizing something.

          5-Repeat as much as you can

Repeating the lessons throughout the day helps you stay on track and accomplish your hifz in a timely manner.

           6- Revise whenever you get time

Keep the material with you wherever you go to revise it: Keep your Mushaf with you on the bus, at the park, or anywhere you go, so you may continue revising and perfecting the lesson.

          7- Learn with  friends

Repeating the lesson to a friend creates a healthy environment in which you and your friend, partner, or children can recite the lesson to one other and help each other correct mistakes.

          8- Learn by listening

Listening to the audiovisual track, allows you to listen to your favorite Qari recite to improve your voice and tajweed.

         9- Stay on top of your target

Keep a daily log of your hifz and keep track of your target. This will keep you focused and disciplined throughout your quest

9-24/7 Support service via Email and WhatsApp for Online Hifz Quran:

            Why do we provide you with a Help Desk for the Online Hifz Quran 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

Our students are our first concern!

                 We don’t make any concessions when it comes to your questions!

The student may obtain aid and discover answers to questions as soon as they arise with our 24/7 support service via Live Chat, Emails, and WhatsApp.

10-Hifz Competitions for each group of students | Age-Based!

Because a Hifz competition motivates pupils to study harder and learn more.

Additionally, doing so boosts their self-esteem. Our Online Hifz competitions allow students to obtain more experience, demonstrate their knowledge and skills, as well as assess and evaluate themselves.

                                      We host a variety of competitions, including:

  • Competitions for Presentations- The Hifz lessons are presented in class, and the grading is completed!
  • Competitions for Concept Submissions
  • Competitions for Exams
  • Quiz

That’s not all! Our Hifz competitions are divided into age groups! The colorful competition types are used for Kids Hifz students. Adult tournaments, on the other hand, are monetized based on demand.

Why is competition important ?

Competition in education is vital, and it serves a single purpose: to ensure that students are fully employable in a competitive environment. We organize proper student tournaments.

11-Two FREE Quran Hifz classes with 2 Hifz teachers

Many sites claim to provide free trials, but we provide two FREE trials for online Hifz classes taught by two separate hifz teachers. Every teacher has a unique approach to teaching and implementing techniques.

Select according to your requirements

As a result, we’ll let you choose which teacher is best for you. After you’ve attended two free lessons with the tutor, they’ll give you a tutor who will help you learn and memorize the Quran according to your preferences.

12-Affordable fees & discounts for Hifz students

For hifz students, the Quran memorization timetable is designed at a reasonable price. It is cost-effective and assists you in achieving your goal of Hifz Al-Quran.

Get A Discount

If a second person from the same household enrolls in one of our courses, you will receive a discount. We also provide a discount for group classes. All of these resources are available to assist you in achieving your objective of intensive Quran memorizing.

13-Amazing outcomes of this Online Hifz course

This online Hifz course has some incredible outcomes that we want to reach at the conclusion of it.

      1- Learn with in a short time

To finish the Quran in the shortest amount of time possible.

      2-Hifz the Quran 

Hafiz is someone who has memorized the Quran by memory.

      3- understand what you learn

A thorough understanding of each Surah’s Tafseer.

      4- learn with other

To take part in any and all Quran memorization competitions.

      5- revise 

To retain the lessons, you must have reviewed the Quran at least three times with the tutor.

      6- learn from expert

To have made their vocals more beautiful by copying their favorite Qari.

      7- tajweed is IMPORTANT

In recitation, to have correctly implemented all Tajweed rules so you can Learn Quran Recitation with Tajweed

      8- follow rules

To have improved their ability to memorize by using our incredible hifz procedures.

14-Best Quran Hifz Tricks we Help Hifz Students adopt!

  • Simple to learn 

It is simple to memorize the Quran.

  • Time management 

Choose an Appropriate Learning Time

  • Set a goal

Set realistic goals and memorize no more than 1 over-saturation point’s worth of information.

  • Revise everyday

Every day, review the verses you’ve learned.

  • Follow rules and methods

Locate and Apply Quran Learning Methodologies.

  • Learn with concentration

In a Quiet Room, you can study.

  • Study with other

Someone should hear your lesson.

  • Learn with heart 

Always seek Allah’s assistance.

15-What to do from Your Quran Hifz Program enrollment Route to Ijazah?

  • Free trial

Try out a class for free.

  • Enroll 

Enroll  your place in our Best online Hifz course.

  • Step-by-step learning 

Online Hifz Classes start with the fundamentals and progress to the expert level of memorizing the entire Quran.

Obtain Ijazah.


We’ve meticulously designed every detail to ensure that you have the best possible chance of completing our rigorous online Hifz course. We are confident that by enrolling in this course and working with our highly qualified Quran teachers, you will be able to attain your objectives.

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