5 Top Tips to Learn Tajweed Rules Professionally

5 Top Tips to Learn Tajweed Rules Professionally - thequranclasses.online

Learn Tajweed rules is extremely crucial for reading the Quran. It will enable you to read and learn Quran quickly and in a much better method.

Tajweed is an Arabic word that originates from the root ‘Jawada,’ which implies “to improve”, “to enhance”, “make well” or “make better.”

The Quran is the speech of Allah; for that reason it is very important to pronounce the Quranic Arabic properly and accurately.

With Tajweed rules, you can avoid some typical mistakes of reading and reciting the Quran. Errors can either be clear mistakes or unobvious mistakes.

Inaccurate pronunciation of the words that can change the significance and provide an incorrect message can count as clear errors. The majority of people can observe clear mistakes easily.

On the other hand, only the professionals or individuals who are aware of the Tajweed rules can point out the unobvious errors which may consist of not observing the elongations or attributes of the letters carefully. These mistakes might not change the message however can misshape the method the Quran is recited.

Tajweed rules can not be learned overnight. There are over seventy rules to Tajweed and it can be an uphill struggle for you to learn all of them, especially if you are a novice at the reading of the Quran. Therefore, Tajweed Quran teachers at The Quran Classes Institute have prepared the following list 5 top tips to learn the Tajweed rules professionally:

1. Learn Makharij Al-Huroof (Origin of Words)

Makhraj Al Huroof (infographics) - Tips to Learn Tajweed Rules
Makhraj Al Huroof (infographics)

First of all, you need to learn Makharij Al-Huroof (the origin of words). It is likewise crucial for you to learn the pronunciation of the letters clearly and properly.

The 28 Arabic letters stem from various places in the mouth; so pronouncing the letters properly and understanding the places from where they come from is the really first thing that you need to learn when it concerns Tajweed rules.

2. Learn Sifatul Huruf (Attributes of Words)

Among the most important tips to learn Tajweed rules is understanding Sifatul Huruf (Attributes of Words) which helps identify the real pronunciation of the letters. Sifatul Huruf “adds to” or “completes” a letter, such that if it were to be removed from it, it would not affect the actual letter; it is an additional right [which must be exercised] of the letter.

3. Learn Tajweed Rules with a Professional Quran Teacher

Learn Quran Recitation with Tajweed Course - The Quran Classes
Online Tajweed Rules Course

The best choice is to look for an online Quran tutor who has an exceptional understanding of the Quran and understands the proper way of pronouncing the Arabic words. He/she needs to have years of experience in teaching the Quran to individuals of all ages consisting of grownups and kids.

An excellent Quran tutor can assist in teaching the proper pronunciation of the Arabic words and can likewise assist in understanding the significances.

You can also look for online Quran learning institute and get support and guidance from expert Quran teachers. By picking an online Quran institute, you can learn at your own pace and schedule the Arabic and Quran classes that work best for you.

“The Quran Classes” is a trusted Quran institute with a group of skilled Quran and Arabic teachers to offer you the very best Quranic education. Whether you are planning to learn Tajweed rules or desire to become fluent in the Arabic language, you can rely on the expert tutors at “The Quran Classes”. They provide a variety of Quran courses for kids, teenagers, and grownups.

4. Listen to Quran Recitations Constantly

Listen to Quran Recitations FREE (AD) - The Quran Classes
Free Online Quran Recitation by Top Quran Reciters Across The History

To improve your Quran recitation, you can listen to Quran recitation recordings. You can listen to the best Quran recitations with Tajweed online by the top reciters & sheikhs across the history at our website.

Moreover, you can start learning to recite the Quran by listening and repeat after the reciters. These audios can teach you the actual and the best pronunciation of the Quran with Tajweed rules.

5. Read Quran from Tajweed Mushaf

مصحف التجويد الملون - TheQuranClasses.Online
Free Download Colored Tajweed Mushaf

You might have no idea about Tajweed Mushaf if you are brand-new to Quran learning. Well, “Tajweed Mushaf” is a type of the Holy Quran book that consists of Tajweed rules in color-coding.

At “The Quran Classes”, you can find & download a selection of the best PDF e-books in Quran, Arabic language, and various Islamic studies. Among these books is “Tajweed Mushaf”.